Force Fetch Information

The force fetch training is a very time-consuming and tedious process where attention to detail is critical. Timing and rhythm, along with the aid of your body language, are key elements in the successful teaching of the force fetch. There are different degrees of the force fetch. Your purpose and goals will determine how in-depth you perform the force fetch. Your goals will also determine the consistency and standards to which you hold your dog. The force fetch training will be different for a dog that only hunts wild game, versus an All-Age Field Trial or Hunt Test competitor.

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There are many misconceptions that involve the force fetch. It is the most widely misunderstood concept of dog training. There are also different methods of the force fetch. For instance: ear-pinch versus toe-hitch. One method is not better than the other. It will depend on your dog, his or her sensitivity, temperament, and learning abilities to determine what method is best to use. Due to the degree of difficulty in training the force fetch, one should seek the consultation of an experienced professional in order to insure consistency and understanding with your student, the dog.

Our video libray will help to unlock some of the misconceptions and reveal the steps to the training of the force fetch.