How to build a Force Fetch Table

Heavy Duty Version
Stationary Table

The force fetch table is unique to the person training on it.  The table should not be too tall or too short but at a height the individual can rest a hip against.  The table top should be no wider than 48in & no smaller than 24in. The table top should have sufficent room for a full size dog to stand on without falling off.  For the purpose of this article we will use the demensions of my table.  I am about 5ft’9 in tall and have a long reach.  The dogs I typically work with are large breeds so my table top in 36 in W’ X 60 in L’ X 36in T’. The length can vary according to personnal preferace, some methods involve teaching simple casting on the table before transfering to the ground. 

Once the size is determined you will need some supplies depending on your budget you can build for forever or build for now. Because our table sits outside we chose to go with treated lumbar and scews for extra sturdiness.  We also have no plans on moving the table so it is heavy and will not fall over.  If you chose to build a lighter table make sure you secure it before using it. 

The table top will have a back wall mearsuring 36in W’X 48inL’. This wall is used to secure the dogs back legs and prevent him from stepping off the edge of the table. Then there is another side wall that is off set on the interior surface of the table.  This wall is where you will secure your pole and prevent your dog from moving his shoulders.  Once the table top is built and the base is secure attach an eye hook any where to the base where it will be out of the way.  This eye hook is where you will secure the dogs flat collar when you are transfering the dog to fetch off the ground.  Every table is unique and you can tweek the demensions however you like to fit your needs.  However, all tables need a place to secure the dogs legs and a pole to secure the dogs head.  There are many designs for force fetch tables and this is the best design for our kennel.  We feel that the less movement the dog has the quicker and better learned is the lesson being taught.  Please provide question or comment as we are here to provide accurate information to insure responsible training and humane force fetch training.  Good luck with your training!!