Jade Steelman returning from a marked retrieve with a LIVE Flyer!

Tera’s Training Tip Of The Day

Tera’s Training Tip Of The Day: Take A Break From The Electronic Collar.

Jade Steelman returning from a marked retrieve with a LIVE Flyer!
Jade Steelman returning from a marked retrieve with a LIVE Flyer!

A lot of equipment goes along with training retrievers for the field. If one is not careful it can be quite an expensive endeavor, we all love the latest and greatest gadgets. Most new products developed for dog training are useful while others are just that, gadgets that may not serve their purpose for long. In any case it is always good to go back to the basics and review a weakness of your retrievers. Before the world became so “high tech” the professionals of the past used to make champions without two-way radios, a four wheeler, electronic throwers, or the electronic collar. Hard to imagine in the world we live in today, but its true. The professionals and amateurs back in the day used to walk out to the dog to make a correction, gave a hand signal to their thrower, and often relied on the use of ropes to teach a skill.

With the ease of the electronic collar it has a tendency to be over used. At Bay Blue Kennels we try and put ourselves in the dog’s shoes. Basic training and  collar conditioning can become a drawn out process for some retrievers. As an effort to keep all things in balance it is a good practice to take a break from the use of the electronic collar. During a young retriever’s basics training we are throwing so much information at them in a short period of time. At this period in your retrievers life they learn how to respond to all forms of pressure including the electronic collar. In order to challenge ones self for improvement in they way you read a retriever, react to their behavior, or teach a lesson do it for a day without the use of the electronic collar. By all means still make corrections and intervene in the retrievers actions as needed, but challenge your mind to find other ways to correct, teach, or practice your lessons. Your retrievers attitude toward training will benefit. Without the influence of the electronic collar your retriever may show other tendencies not noticed in training before. A look at the raw dog. Taking a day off from the use of the electronic collar will offer an alternative perspective about your retriever and their training habits.

Happy Training!

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  1. Excellent tip! I sometimes go weeks without ever using the ecollar nick on my labs which I train daily.. Most experienced retriever trainers never use the ecollar for teaching new concepts.

  2. An electronic collar can be a useful tool for training your dog. Many people tend to abuse the collar and its effects while using it when they should not or when it is unnecessary. How you train your dog will have a lasting affect on the relationship you will have with your fury friend. Make sure to take the time and train your dog properly. Consulting with a professional trainer or even hiring a professional trainer is a great method of training.

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