Tera’s Training Tip Of The Day

Tera’s Training Tip Of The Day: Shammy’em Down.

Katie Higbee kicks up her heels while she gets shammied down after a cool swim
Katie Higbee kicks up her heels while she gets shammied down after a cool swim. Photo Taken By: Anthony Piranio

As temperatures drop in the North and the waterfowl migration intensifies putting your canine in the frigid waters can be dangerous. Teaching your retriever to adequately shake off excess water can help them keep warm. Carrying an auto shammy towel to wipe additional water from your retrievers coat is also an added protection against Hypothermia.

Many trainer’s are reluctant to train in water that is less than 52’F. It is not that the retriever can not with stand these temperatures, but maintaining a good water attitude for any retriever is important. Although, most trainer’s expose their retrievers to cooler waters they do not make it a regular regiment to train in it. There are several reasons why, but the primary is the attitude. A retriever with a good attitude about working in water will do anything asked of them when conditions are not necessarily ideal. Let’s face it, in hunting and competitive situations they are consistently far from ideal.

In training where variables can somewhat be controlled why not put your retriever in the ideal situations. Your retriever will have better brain power if their bodies are not using valuable energy to maintain body heat. Your retriever will effectively learn the skills,having a willing attitude in order to knock it out of the park on game day when conditions are challenging. If you maintain your retriever’s good water attitude you will have a dog that will make good choices and give it their all in water work on a consistent basis.

Happy Training!

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